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Twin Peaks: The First Season Special Edition

On the surface, ABC’s Twin Peaks was a detective series like any other, its core intrigue summarized neatly in four delicious words: Who killed Laura Palmer? But cocreators David Lynch and Mark Frost (whose work on ”Hill Street Blues” broke several rules itself) were never content with the easily explained, turning what could have been another run-of-the-mill series into a dreamscape of midgets and giants, one-armed men and log ladies, murder suspects and homemade pie. This four-disc set features the first seven hour-long episodes, plus commentary from directors, crew members, and writers, but it’s sorely missing Lynch himself and the series pilot he directed (arguably the finest work of his career). But even these omissions can’t detract from the brilliance of the show, one of the most innovative to ever grace the small screen.

Twin Peaks: The First Season Special Edition
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