December 07, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Still smarting from that extra slice of pumpkin pie? At least it wasn’t as bad as Joey’s binge. On the Thanksgiving episode, Matt LeBlanc‘s dim-witted Friend downed an entire 19-pound turkey. And he wasn’t the only overeater at NBC’s table: Will & Grace‘s Rosario (Shelley Morrison) also inhaled a golden-brown gobbler. So what exactly did they take in? ”18,096 calories and 435 grams of fat,” says Diet Designs nutritionist Carrie Wiatt. ”That’s without stuffing, gravy, any of it.” To burn that bird off, they’d have to spend a whole day on the StairMaster—that is, if they could stay awake. All that tryptophan, notes Wiatt, ”would probably put them to sleep for a week.”

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