The Slim Shady Show


Add another barb to Eminem’s multiplatinum tongue: The Slim Shady Show, a cartoon created (along with manager Paul Rosenberg) and voiced by the rapper. This tromp through pop culture’s flower bed, which originally appeared online, stars some of the same rabble-rousing posse from The Marshall Mathers LP — alter ego Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers, Ken Kaniff, and Dave. The gang takes bare-knuckled jabs at performers Pristina Gagulera, N’ Stink, and movies like ”Good Will Fronting,” and it almost goes without saying that the ‘toon does its animated best to degrade women, homosexuals, and just about anyone else who isn’t a thug from Detroit. Unlike Eminem’s innovative music, ”The Slim Shady Show”’s trailer-trash talk is overly indebted to ”South Park” (they even kill Kenny — with a bong hit — in one scene). But the most offensive thing about the show is that no one bothered to take the Web animation and upgrade it to DVD quality.

The Slim Shady Show
  • Movie
  • 45 minutes