The ''Shallow Hal'' star's spring movie will test if audiences are prepared for touchy subject matter
Gwyneth Paltrow
Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow: Jeff Slocomb/Retna

When Gwyneth Paltrow signed on to play a sassy flight attendant whose short skirts and big dreams fuel the humor in ”A View from the Top” (opens April 19, 2002), it seemed like an opportunity for high times. After all, the airborne comedy allowed the Oscar winner to poke fun at stewardess stereotypes and join the mile-high club (on screen, at least) with ”West Wing” star Rob Lowe.

But Paltrow — who’s now playing an overweight Peace Corps volunteer in ”Shallow Hal” — is wondering if her next comedy may be too flighty in the aftermath of Sept. 11. ”There are scenes in the movie that address airline safety and stuff like that,” she explains. ”I definitely don’t think it’s the right time to bring it out.”

Miramax execs are also wondering if ticketbuyers will have a fear of onscreen flying this spring. ”We’re still [editing] it, but are we going to be sensitive to recent events? Absolutely,” says Miramax spokesman Dennis Higgins. ”Regretfully the world changed on Sept. 11, and there’s a new sensitivity that people have.”

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