Doc Martens are still going strong after 40 years, thanks to some celebrity devotees

Grunge may be dead, but its sartorial splendor lives on. Dr. Martens, the venerable British boots, have kept everyone from dockworkers to DJs well-shod for 40 years—and peaked along with the mid-’90s Seattle scene. Now they’ve been embraced by U.K. designer Luella Bartley and U.S. fashion house Imitation of Christ. Rockers like Linkin Park and Lit got the soles, as did Gwen Stefani, Vin Diesel (who’ll wear them in next year’s XXX), and Britney Spears‘ dancers. You’ll even see Harry Potter donning them on the big screen. ”Everyone has a fondness for Dr. Martens,” says company spokesman Jason Thome. ”It’s a classic.” And nothing says rock star like a pair of steel toes.