Turquoise jewelry experiences a fashion resurgence on the red carpet

Hey, Britney: The ’70s just called—they want their jewelry back. Well, not quite. But turquoise, the bold, earthy stone associated more with rock fests than with diamond-heavy red-carpet adornment, is experiencing a pop-culture resurgence. Britney Spears (who wasn’t around to partake in the aqua trend the first time around) graced the cover of this magazine sporting several turquoise rings and necklaces, while Destiny’s Child arrived at the MTV Video Music Awards dripping in the semiprecious stones. Some say stars may be choosing to bling-bling on a quieter level since Sept. 11. ”There’s a lot more spirituality going on,” says jewelry designer Mark Edge, whose creations have decorated the likes of Drew Barrymore, Courteney Cox Arquette, and Lucy Liu. But that doesn’t mean the baubles have to be boring. ”It’s young and fresh,” says Edge. We’re sure Justin Timberlake would agree.