The Michigan bartender admits to eating the beans, but he hopes it won't cloud his future ambitions
Clarence Black, Survivor: Africa
Credit: Clarence Black: Monty Brinton/CBS

It was a fitting end to ”Survivor: Africa”’s Clarence Black. After stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving, we could stumble to the nearest TV set and watch the man who stuffed himself back in episode one suffer for his sin. A few days after he was ousted, Clarence called to set a few things straight about the offending beans, his Playgirl possibilities, and the nutritional side of cow?s blood.

So did you have to watch ”Survivor” with a huge Thanksgiving crowd?
No, I was in New York. My mom and I had a nice dinner at the hotel and then I watched it by myself. I thought, ”I’m going to see what’s going on.” If I got mad I wanted to get mad by myself.

Were you just hating Lex when he put his arm around you and was ”honest” with you?
No, I didn’t have a problem with it. Lex and I, at least the first couple of days, were as close as anybody. The incident with the beans wrecked our closeness. What he did gave me this three hour window to mend fences. I could say what I didn’t like and they could say what they didn’t like and they all said it’s just a game. They all said, ”This is not about the beans. No one’s saying you’re a bad person because of it.”

So, since you keep bringing it up, let’s just clarify: You ate the beans?
I have always admitted to this day I ate the beans. The only issue was how many of the beans I ate. I watched that episode again and again and again and put myself into that frame of mind. I probably ate more than half the beans. Diane’s not lying. I said it on the show and I’ll say it again. I’m sorry. It was a mistake. It hurt me in terms of making alliances with people.

Who would you have wanted to align yourself with?
Definitely Lex because he had that whole leadership thing going on, which is key. Definitely Ethan and probably Tom. They’re all leaders, and you definitely would rather be with them than against them.

Speaking of Tom, could you understand him?
All the time Tom would give me stuff about my inner city accent and slang. I use slang a lot, but you can understand what I’m saying. His southern drawl is so bad you can only understand every other word. That’s what makes Tommy Tommy. He’s a country dumbass.

When you left, you said you were glad to go out with integrity, which was more than you could say for other people. Names, please.
I’m not going to do that. I’ll just say that aside from the beans incident, I never came to this game backstabbing people. I kept my word and played hard. Maybe ”Survivor” is about screwing people over and not having morals. But I have my own personal sense of integrity and I never broke it.

How much did your athleticism hurt you?
Actually, past Survivors hurt me. Everyone off camera talked about what Colby Donaldson did last year. Everyone was so aware of that ability for one person ? especially an athlete ? to run the table. Lex told me that to my face. They all saw me as a threat. They knew winning challenge after challenge was a possibility.

Have any cow’s blood lately?
I had a really rare hamburger in New York. Everyone talks about the cow’s blood, but it was really the best meal I had when I was out there. It’s all iron and protein. Your body is so debilitated that the taste of protein and iron is so refreshing. Three hours after that challenge we were all like, ”We feel really good.”

In terms of endorsement deals, do you think you’ll get one for a bean company?
I don’t know about that, but I’ve had fans come up and tell me I should do Playgirl or do a talk show. I don’t have a sense of what I can do. That’s up to the people who make those decisions — whether it be for modeling or speaking. I’ve never done anything from a sense of planning. Things are put in front of me and I either have the balls to do it or not.

So would you pose for Playgirl?
I think it would definitely have to be an issue of timing and taste and money. I’m not like the other ‘Survivor’ guys who say, ”Oh, that’s not who I am.” I’m only going to have this body for so long and it ain’t gonna last forever. I’ve taken a lot of junk from guys who are fat and flabby. I would definitely entertain modeling or doing Playgirl.

Did Jerri’s Playboy spread inspire you?
I saw it and she looked pretty good. Then again, I’ve never seen anybody look bad in there.

Until Playgirl calls, what will you be doing?
I’m bartending in Redford, Michigan, and I’m still working on a benefit basketball tournament to raise money for cancer.

Do people harass you at the bar?
The girls are all like, ”Let me see your body.” The guys are all like, ”Let me get a shot of cow’s blood and milk.”

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