Celebs like Angelina Jolie answer EW's question, Who have you been mistaken for?
Halle Berry
Credit: Halle Berry: Fitzroy Barrett/Globe Photos

KEVIN NEALON ”I was in a golf tournament and struck a woman in the head [with a golf ball] who thought I was Matt Lauer. She told me I’d better put her on the ‘Today’ show.”

HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE (”For Your Love”) ”I always get Halle Berry, and that baffles me. I’m not a bad-looking chick, but I ain’t no Halle Berry.”

HALLE BERRY (”Swordfish”) ”This is going to sound really dumb, but people ask if I’m Janet Jackson.”

GIL BELLOWS (”The Agency”) ”Once, I got a kiss ’cause they thought I was Aidan Quinn, and another time I got a kiss ’cause they thought I was Matthew Broderick.”

MARIO LOPEZ (”The Other Half”) ”When I was a kid, they thought I was one of the Menudo kids.”

JAKE GYLLENHAAL (”Donnie Darko”) ”I always get Tobey Maguire: I loved you in ‘Cider House Rules’!”

BILLY CRYSTAL (”Monsters, Inc.”) ”One very upsetting time, someone said, ‘Mr. [Richard] Simmons, Mr. Simmons, look at my ass.”’

JACK BLACK (”Shallow Hal”) ”A lot of people say Val Kilmer. We have similar packages.”

DANNY DEVITO (”Heist”) ”Brad Pitt.”

ANGELINA JOLIE ”I’m too odd to be mistaken for anyone else.”