A buyer's guide to Potterphernalia -- from magical to mugglish
Harry Potter
Credit: Harry Potter Toy Photograph by Steven Freeman

HAGRID (DELUXE CREATURE COLLECTION) ($12.99) However impressive-looking he is in the box, Hagrid gets only average marks outside of it. His groundskeeper togs are nicely detailed and the leathery trench is appropriately weathered. But his pink umbrella doesn’t open, and his pockets, famously crammed with birthday cakes and tea accessories, are sealed shut. Destined to sit on a shelf and gather dust. C

HERMIONE (HOGWARTS HEROES FASHION DOLL ASSORTMENT) ($12.99) The closest you’re going to get to a Hermione Barbie. From her layers of frizzy hair and freckled face to her adorable wool knee-highs and black shoes, she’s a total doll from head to toe. And possessing arm joints where the smaller action figures do not, she’s much more fun to play with, too. Leave it to Hermione to be at the top of her toy class. A-

PROFESSOR SNAPE’S POTIONS CLASS EDIBLE ACTIVITY SET ($24.99) If only Snape’s class was as much fun as this sugary chemistry set. Though capable of churning out Slithering Snakes & Eel Eye Mix (closest candy land approximation: gummy worms), we chose to brew up a Boils-Be-Gone potion, which tasted like bubble gum but unfortunately did not cure our boils. A little tedious, and the cleanup is a chore, but the ”magical” bubbling and stirring action provides spectacle that’s worth the labor. B+