Dissecting the website of Judd Apatow's collegiate show

To justify the site for Fox’s comedy Undeclared (fox.com/undeclared), the show’s creator and exec producer Judd Apatow explains that as a fan of TV comedy himself, ”I would’ve loved to have found out how John Ritter did it.” See how Apatow’s show is—and isn’t—like Three’s Company.

DEAN’S OFFICE Strangely enough, Undeclared‘s writers are allowed to post anything they want—and we mean anything. Posts include existential meditations on the authorial ”I,” less-than-fond memories of being downwind of cow pies, and some curiously crude cartoons. Apatow does preview everything before it hits the site, but ”I don’t question what it means, because the answer would probably scare me.”

BEHIND THE SCENES In this section (more like a special-edition DVD than a website), Apatow gives fans everything they could ever want: a time-lapse look at set construction; a list of music used in each episode; deleted scenes, including one in which Ron (Seth Rogen) explains why You’ve Got Mail is his real fave film; even video clips capturing the cast’s first read-through of the week’s script (and, more importantly, the first time they can laugh at the jokes).

DORM BULLETIN BOARD Episode summaries, photos, and e-mail addresses for cast and crew are here, but be sure to visit Apatow’s production company site. There, you can download scripts in final and pre-first-draft versions, and cross-reference the changes with scans of his notes. Remember: His last show was called Freaks and Geeks.