Plus Tom Cruise, Siegfried and Roy, and more news from Hollywood

FIGHTING WORDS We know our fascination with ‘N Sync is verging on an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but allow us to indulge in one more piece of ‘News. Producer Rich Hull has optioned a script for Lance Bass (with whom he’s partnered in the production company A Happy Place) called Mama’s Boy. It’s a romantic comedy written by first-time screenwriter and Knoxville native Mark Hatmaker, who in real life is an extreme fighter—meaning he’s adept, as he explains, in ”boxing, kicking, elbowing, throwing [people] down on the ground.” And, he adds, ”you can try to choke each other unconscious.” While Hatmaker, who just finished his second script, doesn’t yet have an agent and admits he’s ”a babe in the woods” (he sent Mama’s Boy out as a blind submission), he assures us he’s not worried about Hollywood getting one over on him. Given that he intends to keep writing, and fighting, neither are we.

AIR TIME If you, like us, couldn’t get enough of Siegfried and Roy’s IMAX film, you’re going to love this one. Rob Morrow (yes, that Rob Morrow) is going to direct an IMAX version of John Travolta‘s children’s book, Propeller One-Way Night Coach: A Fable for All Ages, about the aviation industry. While most of the movie will be animated, Travolta will narrate and star in the live-action segments. Just for the record, Morrow, who directed the just-released Maze, says he’s so enthralled with IMAX, he’s even seen the ‘N Sync movie. Seems we’re not the only obsessed people, after all.

FURTHERMORE We hear that Julia Roberts is being courted for the role of Ada in Anthony Minghella‘s adaptation of Cold Mountain; Tom Cruise has been mentioned for the part of Inman.

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