From P. Diddy to "The Royal Tenenbaums", athletic sweatbands are at the forefront of fashion

Once the symbol of athletic cool, sweatbands are making it big way off the court. Style front-runners Ja Rule, Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Nelly, and Lil’ Kim all wore the accoutrements at the MTV Video Music Awards, while Luke Wilson‘s jaded jock sports some throughout next month’s movie The Royal Tenenbaums. Of course, Nike makes bands in several styles and colors, but even fitness-shy fashion houses are producing their own versions: Chanel offers delicate logo wristies, hipster label Winky & Dutch makes bands with lightning bolts, and Urban Outfitters sells ones with Eiffel Tower charms. Also look for them at urban emporiums like Diesel, Mooks, and Triple 5 Soul. ”People are always looking for unique ways to express themselves,” says Nike’s Ilana Finley. ”[Depending] on how they’re worn, wristbands and headbands make a statement.” In other words, just do it.