The "Survivor: Africa" star pontificates on's Survivor Insider

I admit it. I have a mild case of Ethan fever, which is probably why listening to the Boran tribe’s curly-haired wonder pontificate on skinning goats and sticking to his vegetarian ways was very much worth the $20 I shelled out to subscribe to’s Survivor Insider. This one-time fee lets fans (some merely curious; others, ah, more dangerously obsessed) watch a weekly Friday-morning peep show that features 30 minutes of ”unseen footage” from the previous night’s episode. Think guilty pleasure via your RealPlayer. But the only dirt you’ll find here is the stuff caked on their bodies: You click on a segment titled ”Forgetaboutit” expecting a fracas but must settle for Carl the Dentist doing his Joe Pesci impression. ”Kim in the buff” is just Kim wrapped in a scarf. On the other hand, diehards will be relieved when ”Clarence and Kelly’s Walk of Shame” turns out to be merely a glimpse into their mutual pity party. (Clarence: ”The rewards are getting to the point where I’m, like, f— it.” Kelly: ”That’s why we need to keep winning this immunity s—.”) As Silas the Insufferable muses, ”I was born at night, but not last night.” Word…but Ethan is still cuter!