You oughta know about this Australian import band

HOMETOWN Melbourne, Australia


WHY YOU’RE NOT HEARING THEM ON TOP 40 RADIO ”I really don’t know,” says singer Darren Seltmann. ”To us it is just a pop record, but more in a vintage sense. Maybe if we had put it out in the ’60s, we would have had a better chance.”

WHY WE THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM These sample-happy Aussies have crafted two of the year’s best dance singles, the disco-flavored title track and the oddball funk single ”Frontier Psychiatrist.”

WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR ALBUM ”Because we worked really hard on it,” says Seltmann (the band also includes producer Robbie Chater, keyboardists Tony Diblasi and James De La Cruz, and DJ Dexter Fabay). ”And it’s a tale of love and adventure on the high seas. I find that interesting. I don’t know if other people do.”

WHY THEY THINK YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THEM INSTEAD OF BRITNEY SPEARS ”I guess it really comes from the bottom of our hearts,” says Seltmann. ”We tried to make a record that will make people feel better about everything. I don’t think we’ve really succeeded, but we’ve tried.”

WHAT’S NEXT? A possible video for ”Since I Left You,” which Seltmann says might be directed by Spike Jonze.

WHAT THEY’LL BE DOING IN 10 YEARS ”We’ll probably be just about finishing our second record,” says Seltmann with a laugh.