And the reason why it features an ''Iron Chef''-style cook-off

By Rob Brunner
November 20, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST

Tours often lead to conflicts, but when your band includes foodies it can really heat up. ”[Trumpeter] Vince DiFiori and [drummer] Pete McNeal talk about food all the time, and I got sick of hearing what would be good if you sauté it with mushrooms,” says Cake singer John McCrae. ”So I decided to pit them against each other.” The result is the video for ”Love You Madly” (Comfort Eagle’s second single), an ”Iron Chef”-style cook-off in which the contestants prepared meals for judges Rick James, Phyllis Diller, and MIA TV chef Jeff ”Frugal Gourmet” Smith.

”It was pretty serious,” says McCrae. ”There was a lot of stress. I’m not gonna tell you who won.” However, McCrae will reveal pumpkin was the theme ingredient and the loser was derailed by botched legumes. ”It was Phyllis Diller who did one of them in. She got upset about somebody’s snap peas being uncooked. She was pissed.”