The two stars will share custody of their two children
Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman
Credit: Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise: Ed Geller/Globe Photos

The days of thunder between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are, it seems, over. As part of an amicable settlement announced Wednesday, the stars will share custody of their two adopted children, Kidman’s publicist tells Lawyers for Cruise and Kidman said in a statement that after divorcing in August, the former couple has ”come to an amicable, full resolution of all issues” in an effort to ”ensure that the best interests of their children were protected.”

Financial terms and other details of the settlement are confidential, the statement says, adding that the couple will ”remain close friends” (but presumably will not be shooting any more ”Eyes Wide Shut”-style love scenes).

Kidman, who recently fought off ghosts in ”The Others,” told EW in June that she was reluctant to discuss her split with Cruise. ”One day. Probably. But now’s not the time,” she said. ”Part of me is like, ‘I want to!’ But I have to sit here and take the high road…. I understand there’s interest. If I was on the outside of this, even I’d go, What the hell happened here? I’m good at seeing both sides of the fence.”

Audiences will next see Cruise, along with new girlfriend Penélope Cruz, in the surreal Cameron Crowe drama ”Vanilla Sky,” due in December. Cruise and Kidman married in 1990, after appearing together (as a race car driver and a doctor, respectively) in that year’s ”Days of Thunder.”