For a town obsessed with caloric intake, Hollywood sure loves to get big. Ever since ”Weird Al” Yankovic waddled around in ”Fat,” his 1988 parody of Michael Jackson’s ”Bad,” a parade of svelte stars has donned prosthetic fat suits for laughs. (But not Brad Pitt, who’ll play a former heavyweight in the Nov. 22 episode of Friends.) Here’s where some other faux fatties land on the scale of good humor.


FEBRUARY ’96 [7] In a surprise prom-night Friends flashback, Courteney Cox Arquette’s Monica balloons up wider than a latter-day Matthew Perry.

JUNE ’96 [9] Audiences howl at Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor, as the flabulous Klump family makes a flatulent first impression.

JUNE ’99 [5] Ewww! In Austin Powers 2, Mike Myers’ slobby Fat Bastard ups the quease factor, hiding leftovers in his greasy fat folds.

JUNE ’00 [3] It’s deja vu for moviegoers as Martin Lawrence — looking like a Klump reject — licks all the plates clean at Big Momma’s House.

JULY ’01 [6] Oscar darling Julia Roberts is the next thin thesp to hit the trough, playing against type as a former fatty in America’s Sweethearts.

NOVEMBER ’01 [4] Another Oscar winner, skinny Gwynnie Paltrow, plumps up to 300 pounds in Shallow Hal — and legions of Jenny Craig fans roll their eyes.