Utopian Entrepeneur


Advice on how to be greedy is easy to come by — just peruse the best-seller aisle of any bookstore. But only rarely does an author suggest enriching humanity’s bank account. One reason: It’s a lot harder, as Laurel, a veteran Atari game designer and founder of the girl-centric gaming company Purple Moon, shows in Entrepreneur, which braids autobiography and media critique into one artistically engineered paperback. The first in a series of Marshall McLuhan-inspired releases from MIT Press, Entrepreneur is a memoir that folds virtual-reality theories, Joseph Campbell’s teachings, and a villain named Barbie into its plot. Along with a satisfying story, Laurel offers a field manual for building rich, Lord of the Rings-style entertainment franchises that can be made into books, films, and videogames. In a better world, the road to wealth would be lined with people like Laurel. But for now, this idealistic highway map will have to do.

Utopian Entrepeneur
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