The sequel to ''The Santa Clause'' is his main focus

By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
November 16, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
Tim Allen: Fitzroy Barrett/Globe

We’d just like to point out that Julia and Gwyneth are total copycats — the real fat-suit trendsetter is Tim Allen, who seems quite taken by his costume: The actor has dropped out of Universal’s Dr. Seuss project, ”The Cat in the Hat,” saying he wants to pay full attention to ”The Santa Clause II,” which is now in preproduction. ”I couldn’t do two icons,” explains Allen, calming our fears about his career choice ? ”Grinch” made $260 million, ”Clause” a mere $145 million — by adding that ”Clause” will now be going ”to the North Pole in a really big way.”

Additional reporting by William Keck