Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones


Survey kids about the Q-man and you might be lucky to get: ”Wasn’t he Michael Jackson’s uncle?” This four-CD box is superlative proof for young and old that the journeyman formerly known as ”The Dude” did have a career, and a brilliant one, before James Ingram. The first and finest disc reprises classic jazz sides Jones produced and/or arranged for everyone from Basie to Big Maybelle; if no one flagged the common thread, you could just mistake Q for a killer sampler of the classiest black music of the ’50s and early ’60s. Disc 2 digs up funky orchestrations from his film/TV years: If you don’t have the ”Sanford & Son Theme” on CD — and who does? — consider it money well-spent already. Part three proffers his Jacko, George Benson, Brothers Johnson, and Lesley Gore (!) smashes. The final disc spotlights his own records, and his recent, regrettable weakness for lite-R&B quiet storminess. Forgivable? Quite.

Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones
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