Dylan’s Candy Bar. Cofounded by Dylan Lauren (Ralph’s daughter) and Jeff Rubin of FAO Schweetz, this two-story shop on Manhattan’s East Side is a dream come true for Candy Land enthusiasts or, as Rubin says, those craving ”Wonka with edge.” PARTY FAVORS In just two weeks Dylan’s has booked 117 birthday parties and about a dozen other private events. EYE CANDY The shop also features rare and vintage Pez dispensers ($4,000), candy-themed paintings from Bruce R. Lewin Fine Art ($9,800-40,000), and Lauren’s handmade gumball mosaics ($200- 3,000). FOR YOUR SWEET TOOTH Patrons can pig out on 300 rotating ice cream flavors, sidle up to an M&M bar with 21 colors and a Skittles station with 16 store-exclusive flavors, and gaze upon the world’s largest lollipop. SUGAR BABIES John Mellencamp, Shoshanna Lonstein, and Paris and Nicky Hilton have all stopped by, but customers come in all stripes. ”I was always a candy freak,” says Lauren, ”and I think there are a million of us out there.”