Creedence Clearwater Revival


Creedence was arguably the purest American rock & roll band of its era, delivering the eternal verities in rootsy, eminently satisfying three-minute hit singles. Almost three decades after the group’s demise, their best-known tunes — ”Proud Mary,” ”Bad Moon Rising,” ”Fortunate Son” — are bona fide standards. This six-CD set, which collects all their albums (as well as a disc’s worth of tracks from the band’s early incarnations, the Blue Velvets and the Golliwogs), is a testament to CCR’s populist powers. Majordomo John Fogerty was as hook-happy as a backwoods Beatle, and Creedence’s album tracks were almost always equal to their airplay cuts (cock an ear to unheralded gems like the instrumental ”Side O’ the Road,” or the hypnotic ”Graveyard Train”). One caveat: Aside from the pre-Creedence stuff, there are few rarities. Actually, that may be a good thing — it guarantees this box is as filler-free as CCR’s music.

Creedence Clearwater Revival
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