Stumped for a gift that doesn’t come in a jewelbox? Your music-obsessed friends and family will applaud this rockin’ booty.

AXL HANDBAG It’s white, it’s vinyl, and you can stash your Slash wig in it. Paul Frank, $72,

DAFT PUNK SWEATSHIRT Get da funk out in this limited-edition chemise designed by the French electronic duo and cool clothier A.P.C. $109,

DEVO JULIUS WALLET Are we not retro? This bananarama-colored billfold will impress those still geeking out to the ’80s. Paul Frank, $27,

KEITH RICHARDS PHOTO You can always get what you want if that happens to be this Glimmer Twin portrait by Anton Corbijn or other classic-rock imagery by famous lensmen. From $350 to $3,000. Govinda Gallery, 202-333-1180,