That's because she's a lot more interesting than Captain Archer, says Sunny Lee
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Credit: Enterprise: Ron Tom/UPN

T’Pol steals the show again

If it’s Sub-Commander T’Pol that viewers want more of, they’ve been getting plenty of her these days: The two previous episodes explored her pre-nuptial quandary and a challenge to her Vulcan loyalty. And at the tail end of this week’s show, she aptly demonstrates her ability to command with reason, maturity and authority — traits that Captain Archer sometimes lacks and needs to learn from his sub-commander.

It sure seems as if ”Enterprise” writer and producer, Rick Berman, is fascinated with T’Pol, as he continues to add depth to her character. And who can blame him — or anyone else — for secretly harboring a crush on her? After all, it’s difficult to forget a really foxy woman who wields her power to blow up stuff in space while (wearing a long black wig) she bears a striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie.

Captain Archer has somewhat less appeal. In last week’s episode, he almost refuses help from a Vulcan captain — who obtains the technology to save essential Enterprise crewmen — just because Archer found it difficult to swallow his pride. In fact, he’s often prompted by anger, aggression, and long-harbored vengeance.

If Archer won’t take a clue from his sub-commander, then perhaps he should learn a thing or two from the franchise’s inaugural Captain Kirk. For instance, Kirk would show genuine finesse when wooing a comely alien woman. But this week, watching a kiss between Captain Archer and Riann, the beautiful alien scientist he falls for, was like watching two goldfish kiss: sweet but unaffecting.

Who do you favor — T’Pol or Archer?

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