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A Horse to Water

SOUND BITES Performing at a beach party for a few hundred thousand of their closest friends, ‘N Sync played a free concert yesterday on the sands of South Beach in Miami. (Well, not entirely free: Sales of concessions and about 1,500 $125 VIP tickets raised money to help Sept. 11 victims and local service workers hard hit by the drop in tourism since the attacks.) Crowd estimates were between 150,000 and 250,000. Some fans had camped out overnight to see the band’s headlining set, which began shortly after 8 p.m. and ended just 35 minutes later. Hey, whaddaya want for nothin’?…

As he ponders the possibility of a Rolling Stones stadium tour next year, Mick Jagger will perform for just 700 people this Thursday at Los Angeles’ El Rey Theatre, where he’ll play songs from his upcoming CD, ”Goddess in the Doorway” (out Nov. 20), including a new single, cowritten with Lenny Kravitz, called ”God Gave Me Everything.” (Jagger probably shortened the title from, ”God Gave Me Everything, and I Moved to France to Keep the British Tax Collectors From Taking It All.”) He’s taping the show for an ABC special that will air a week later, directed by Oscar winning documentarian Kevin Macdonald (1999’s ”One Day in September”), called ”Being Mick.” (Jagger probably shortened the title from ”Being Mick Is Pretty Sweet, Since God Gave Me Everything.”) So on Thanksgiving, you can start your day by watching a parade of inflated, oversized, gas-filled cartoon characters, and you can end it by watching Jagger.

BY GEORGE Whether or not the rumors are true that George Harrison has been undergoing last-chance radiation treatment for cancer, Harrison has found a way to make a joke out of concerns for his health. The latest story had him checking out of Staten Island University Hospital, but staying in the New York City area for the next few weeks to recuperate, after secretly checking in under a pseudonym for treatment by Dr. Gil Lederman, the hospital’s head of radiation oncology. (Lederman has refused to confirm or deny that Harrison is a patient, but the 58-year-old ex-Beatle has spent much of the year undergoing cancer treatments in hospitals in the U.S. and Europe.) Meanwhile, Harrison and his son Dhani have written and recorded a new song, ”A Horse to Water,” for ex-Squeeze keyboardist Jools Holland‘s new album. The publishing credit for the song is attributed to RIP Ltd., 2001.

A Horse to Water
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