PRICE Around $2
Credit: Vitaminwater Photgraphed by Anthony Verde

Welcome to Bottled Water: The Next Generation. Multihued Glaceau Vitaminwater — a low-calorie flavored drink infused with electrolytes and nutrients — has become a welcome splash to shelves of otherwise colorless H2O. Already quenching the thirsts of such Hollywood types as Elizabeth Hurley, Chris Noth, Cher, and Sarah Jessica Parker (who has the Energy Tropical Citrus delivered by the caseful), the water, which comes in 11 different essences from Focus Kiwi-Strawberry to Rescue Green Tea, has become the must-have refreshment.

”We really wanted to create an accessory for the active lifestyle of the modern consumer,” says J. Darius Bikoff, founder and president of Energy Brands Inc., parent company of Glaceau Water+. ”It’s a bold, graphic new statement in what is otherwise a very commonplace category.” And you can drink it, too.