PRICE $5 to $79
Credit: Wabags Photographed by Anthony Verde

”With ”Crouching Tiger” and all the Jet Li movies, Asian culture [has] really come into the mainstream,” says Tyler Leong, whose California-based Wabags is adding to the East-West fashion connection. Using Indian sari prints and Chinese motifs on boxy backpacks, hipsters, and handbags, Wabags creates an effect as dazzling as a ”Tiger” fight sequence. Drew Barrymore, Faith Hill, and Katie Couric have been spotted with the bags, which sell for $5?79 at shops such as Fred Segal and at the website

”Chinese fabrics have been around for thousands of years,” says Leong, who started her company in 1999 after studying in China. ”I think people are interested in things that have a history…. Leather is great, but silk bags are unique.” The cows of the world couldn’t agree more.