PRICE Around $16
Credit: Prosecco: Anthony Verde

Meet the new star of quaff-y talk! Prosecco, a sparkling wine from Venice, once dissed as ”the poor man’s champagne,” is the toast of the town. One NYC restaurant, Pasticcio, even opened a Proseccheria, a bar dedicated to the drink. So why has the beverage gone from B list to best cellar? The price of Prosecco (about half of French bubbly) is right. Ditto the taste. ”It’s cool, crisp, and subtly tangy,” says Andrea Immer, author of ”Great Wine Made Simple,” who notes that the local libation was likely a glass act at the recent Venice Film Festival. ”There’s probably not a place in Venice that doesn’t have it.”

And the stuff is a natural for youth-obsessed Hollywood. Unlike wines that must age for years to peak, ”Prosecco is meant to be drunk young,” says Pasticcio owner Nicola Maurello, adding that the bubbly is best before its first birthday. We’ll drink to that.