The sci fi cult classic was filmed entirely in Esperanto

By William Keck
Updated November 09, 2001 at 05:00 AM EST
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Get this: The 1960s ”Star Trek” series was intended to be shot in Esperanto (a kooky language invented in the late 1800s). That’s one of the mischievous lies William Shatner tossed out while recording his DVD commentary for the long missing in action sci fi cult classic piece of crap ”Incubus” (1965, Winstar, 76 mins., unrated, subtitled, also on VHS), the only film shot entirely in Esperanto.

At the March recording session in a Santa Monica studio, Shatner arrived feigning confusion about the entire project. ”You want to put my voice over the action?” Shatner asked the dumbfounded production team. ”But won’t that interfere?” (The trickster later confessed to EW that he owns a DVD player and is well versed in its various functions.)

Luckily for Shatner, whose ads confirmed that the long mocked T.J. Hooker will join in on the ongoing joke that was himself, ”Incubus” is perfectly suited to his brand of B.S. The film — about a soldier who falls for a sexy demon chick — even comes with a behind the scenes curse that allegedly killed most of the cast in the months and years after the shoot. Upon watching the movie nowadays, that curse just makes you kind of tired.


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