MOVIECASHGAME.COM ( Suited for any cineast who’s ever suffered through the inanity of no-brainers projected on screen before movies, this site pays out daily cash prizes (up to $1,000!) to high-scoring film-trivia buffs. For $3 (credit cards accepted), hopefuls stare down 20 easy-to-rough questions: It’s equally helpful to know the names of Tigerland’s leading man and the cursed diamond in 1946’s Terror by Night. Not much here for non-gamblers, but be warned: Movie-obsessed journalists are ineligible for prizes, even — we found out the hard way — lowly EW interns. A- — Gregory Kirschling


DARK ANGEL ( In keeping with Dark Angel’s exploration of themes in the not-too-distant future, this site is heavy on sleek 21st-century design and modern, mechanical images. Techno-infused hip-hop beats bump as page after page reveals video and audio clips, galleries of the show’s babelicious freedom fighters, groovy animation, cool downloads, and profiles of the show’s stars and the characters they play. Which is good, since we’ve been hearing a lot about this actress named Jessica Alba… A — Malcolm Venable


PITCHFORKMEDIA.COM ( Diehard indie-rock fans now have a place to call home. From daily news reports to a monthly MP3 sampler, is a mandatory stop. Visitors can read hundreds of reviews (Bjork’s Vespertine scored a mere 7.2 and wasn’t ”worth the wait”) — or dig for older treasures in the archives, like the Les Savy Fav interview. And make sure to peruse the (oxymoronic) Top 50 Worst Guitar Solos of the Millennium — now, here’s a site with lots of axes to grind. B — Vanessa Rothschild

Net Cetera

THE INTERNET PUBLIC LIBRARY ONLINE NEWSPAPERS ( Want to know how the Saudis see the intifada? Or get Pakistani opinions of American foreign policy? Or find out whether Iran will help support Afghan refugees? This virtual reading room, with links to hundreds of the world’s newspapers, lets you browse by region, country, or title to read overseas views on global events. If that knowledge can lead to greater understanding, all news is good news. A- — Caren Weiner Campbell

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