and was nice enough to answer our stupid questions
Lance Henriksen
Credit: Lance Henriksen: George Lange/Corbis Outline

”The Terminator” is the movie that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a bona fide star, yet James Cameron had another hulking presence in mind to play the T-800…Lance Henriksen. Thankfully, the director terminated that idea and cast Lance as the quirky Detective Vukovich instead. So with the sci-fi classic’s DVD rerelease, we decided that even if Henriksen didn’t get to say the famous line, we’d bring him back for a few stupid questions.

? There’s a lot of killing in ”The Terminator,” yet your character never leaves the precinct.
They didn’t have enough money to pay me to leave the precinct. He was doing phone calls mostly. Phoning in the performance, so to speak.

? You’re a former student of the Actors Studio. Is there any chance you could send a Terminator after James Lipton?
Lipton! Can you believe that guy? I’ve never seen so much adoration in my life…. Talk about a brownnoser.

? Did you take any heat from your acting buddies for costarring in Stone Cold with a guy named ”The Boz”?
A lot of people didn’t like him, so he was perfect for the role. He was playing a guy nobody believed was a biker anyway. We knew he was a cop from the minute we started the movie. Anybody who comes with two handkerchiefs tied across their ass is definitely a cop.

? Your character on Fox TV’s ”Millennium” was able to anticipate future events. Can you predict how this interview is going to end?
Yeah, it just did.

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