News From Hollywood

WHITHER WITHERSPOON? Could we be more impressed by Reese Witherspoon? Not content to rest on her Legally Blonde laurels, this most unditzy towhead is moving projects through her production company, the aptly named Type A Films, with an attention that assures us it’s not just about scoring a nameplate and a corner office (we comfort ourselves that these things are worth scoring, even if you are a movie star). The 25-year-old Witherspoon, who currently runs the company herself, is overseeing three projects intended as starring vehicles: an adaptation of Melissa Bank’s 1999 book The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, written by Marc Klein (Serendipity), an adaptation of the ’60s TV show Honey West; about a private investigator; and a movie that centers on professional women’s tennis. Witherspoon, who is currently filming the romantic comedy Sweet Home Alabama, says she’s likely to do Girls’ Guide or the tennis movie next. ”The tennis project is similar for me to the things that actresses deal with as professional women,” she says. ”Is it about vanity or talent? Is it about working hard or looking good?” For Witherspoon, who cites producer-actress Drew Barrymore as a role model, it’s clearly about working hard: Her company, which will eventually develop projects for other actresses, ”is all about young women. There’s a female attitude that isn’t necessarily represented in a lot of movies, that young women want to see.” Now that’s blonde ambition.

JUST IN TIME And more news from the land of the beautiful people: Hugh Jackman is in talks to star in MGM’s Out of Time, to be directed by Carl Franklin (Devil in a Blue Dress) and produced by Neal H. Moritz, who is also producing Sweet Home Alabama. A sultry thriller/love triangle, Out of Time, written by feature virgin Dave Collard, should begin filming in Florida early next year before Jackman has to report for X-Men sequel duty.