Paule Cale's character goes looking for love in all the wrong places
Paula Cale, Providence
Credit: Providence: Sven Arnstein

It’s nice to know that even TV characters can do desperate things for love. In an intriguing cross-genre dabble, the Dec. 14 episode of the NBC drama ”Providence” will feature Paula Cale’s relationship-challenged Joanie — sister of Melina Kanakaredes’ Sydney — appearing on the syndicated romantic reality series ”Blind Date” for some unholy match-rimony. (A portion of the show will be shot in ”Blind Date”-style video, complete with snarky pop-up commentary.) ”All the writers here just love ‘Blind Date,”’ explains ”Providence” executive producer Ann Hamilton, ”and we were joking that Joanie should go on ‘Blind Date.’ We thought it’d be great if it really could be ‘Blind Date’ and not just a fake setup, and the ‘Blind Date’ people were like, ‘Great! We’ll help you out. You can use our car! You can use [host] Roger Lodge. Here’s the set!”’ Sounds like the normally tame drama made the most of the opportunity. ”I’m making out with two different guys, I’m milking a cow, I’m riding an electronic bull, and I’m in a Jacuzzi in a bikini on national television,” enthuses Cale. ”It’s going to be fantastic.” If not, there’s always ”Elimidate Deluxe.”

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