BIRTHS On Oct. 24, Frasier star Kelsey Grammer, 46, and wife Camille, 33, a former Playboy model, welcomed 8-pound 5-ounce daughter Mason Olivia Grammer. The baby was delivered by a surrogate mother…. Singer Chynna Phillips, 33, wife of actor William Baldwin, 38, gave birth to a son, Vance Alexander, in October. They have a daughter, Jameson, 1.

EXPECTING Hannibal redhead Julianne Moore, 40, is expecting a second child next year with director Bart Freundlich (The Myth of Fingerprints), 31. The couple have a son, Caleb, 3.

WEDDINGS Welcome to the snake pit: Rocker Slash (a.k.a. Saul Hudson), 36, and former model Perla Ferrar, 28, exchanged vows Oct. 15 in Maui. He was previously wed to model Renee Suran…. Inside Schwartz’s Breckin Meyer, 27, wed director Deborah Kaplan (Can’t Hardly Wait), Oct. 14, in Malibu. It’s the first marriage for both.

COUPLES Disheveled director Tim Burton, 43, and Oscar-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter, 35, who starred in his July 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes, are going ape for each other. Burton’s spokeswoman confirms he split with longtime girlfriend/muse Lisa Marie, 33, a model who appeared in many of his films. This isn’t the first time Bonham Carter has cozied up to a director; in 1993, on the set of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, she met onetime boyfriend Kenneth Branagh — who was then married to Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson.

COURTS On Oct. 12, Wu-Tang Clan member Ol’ Dirty Bastard (a.k.a. Russell Tyrone Jones), 32, was sentenced to a two-year prison term in Los Angeles for violating his probation by fleeing a court-ordered stay in a rehab clinic in October 2000. ODB is now serving a two-to-four-year sentence in New York City for a July drug conviction; the new sentence will be served concurrently…. Bada-boom. Married movie stars Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, both 30, have sued Sopranos star James Gandolfini, 40, for allegedly backing out of a contract to buy their Greenwich Village brownstone. They want to keep his $300,000 down payment. Gandolfini’s rep was unavailable for comment.

CONTROVERSY The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences reportedly has agreed to pay an estimated $650,000 settlement to company executive Jill Geimer, who claimed she was sexually harassed by Grammy CEO C. Michael Greene. According to the L.A. Times, the NARAS board of directors will hire an independent investigator to examine this and other sexual-harassment claims against Greene; if proved, those incidents could lead to Greene’s expulsion by the Grammy organization. NARAS and Greene declined to comment on the matter.

FIGHTS On Oct. 29, big-screen tough guy Gene Hackman (Heist), 71, apparently got into a tussle after a minor fender bender at a Los Angeles intersection. Published reports said Hackman punched the other driver and was later kicked in the groin and thrown onto his stomach by another passenger in the other car. Hackman’s publicist says the star threw the punch in response to continued harassment after the men left their cars to exchange insurance information; the actor doesn’t recall any kicking or being thrown onto his stomach. A police spokesman says that the men were not fighting when officers arrived on the scene and that they reported no injuries; both parties declined to press charges against each other. Hackman’s rep says the actor attended a screening the next day and was ”in good spirits.”