”For seven years I went every afternoon at 2:30. I’d have a chocolate shake and coffee, and I’d try to catch ideas and write them on napkins…. But one day, I crawled into the trash bin behind Bob’s and read the ingredients of what I’d been having…. I didn’t recognize anything! So now I just make it a once-a-year thing and have the Big Boy [burger] combo. I love Bob’s food!” — Mulholland Drive director DAVID LYNCH on the pleasures of eating at Bob’s Big Boy, on Mr. Showbiz

”[G]od gave me boobies, which is lucky, because otherwise I’m tiny all around…. I do have to wear a bra. I’m grateful for what I have, but if I were a little smaller, I could get away with not wearing one. And I wouldn’t, as much as possible.” — Don’t Say a Word’s BRITTANY MURPHY on confining undergarments, on Mr. Showbiz