AFGHANISTAN REVEALED (National Geographic, unrated) Author Sebastian Junger (The Perfect Storm) explores a nation rich in tradition and torn apart by war.

APOCALYPSE NOW REDUX (Paramount, R) Francis Ford Coppola’s murky 1979 masterwork comes with 49 extra minutes. But do they make the film any clearer?

CALLE 54 (Miramax, G) Madrid-based filmmaker Fernando Trueba’s doc explores Latin jazz and some of its famed musicians.

CRAZY/BEAUTIFUL (Buena Vista, PG-13) It’s boy (Jay Hernandez) meets girl (Kirsten Dunst): He plays football, she plays with recreational drugs. Does love conquer all?

LARA CROFT: TOMB RAIDER (Paramount, PG-13) Planetary alignment, the nefarious Illuminati…whatever. Angelina Jolie tools around in skintight costumes.