Busy actor Ron Livingston — pulling double duty as an officer in HBO’s Band of Brothers and as Lara Flynn Boyle’s fellow prosecutor on The Practice — hopes to soon get a little action that doesn’t involve heavy artillery or closing arguments. ”I’ve been told they’re looking to get more inside the DA’s office this season, with the possibility of some romance,” says Livingston of the ABC legal drama. ”And I’m certainly game for that. Somebody needs to be kissing that girl [Boyle]. She’s overdue. Her on-screen persona can be a little…intimidating, but she’s terrific.” A Practice spokeswoman says there are no immediate plans for such a fling, ”but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility.” Either way, Livingston is already bracing for the reaction of her on-again/off-again beau, Jack Nicholson: ”I’m just praying he doesn’t come after me with a four iron.”