EW.com previews the new season of bikini-clad, tattoo-flashing, face-sucking lovers tempting fate with those sultry singles
Temptation Island
Credit: Temptation Island: Jason Willheim/FOX

It’s time for the return of America’s favorite guilty pleasure (next to any jelly-filled menu item at Krispy Kreme, of course) as host Mark L. Walberg welcomes us to another scandalous season of ”Temptation Island” (premiering Wed., Nov. 7; 9pm; Fox). Now, we could take the high road and talk about how exploitative it is to potentially destroy loving relationships for the sake of television ratings, but honestly, what fun would that be?

No, we’re not afraid to admit we dig this festival of sand meets skank. And isn’t it amazing how we can end up completely transfixed by individuals who in person we would probably refuse to share an elevator with. (I call this the Jesse Camp Syndrome.) So who exactly are the lucky lads and lasses who will be putting their love on the line for 15 minutes of fame and a bottle of sunblock?

Well, truth is, we don’t know much about these four new couples since Fox is only releasing their names and a few sultry photographs, but we do know this: They’re insane! Well, not clinically speaking, but any person who would subject him or herself to watching video and hearing tales of their loved one getting up close and personal with shady singles named — are you ready for this? — Juleby, Canceel, or Kaine, definitely has sunburn of the brain.

Let’s think about this for a second, or however long it takes you to read the next paragraph. If your relationship is on the ropes, do you try and sit down and repair it, or do you ask your partner to go do body shots off 13 members of the opposite sex looking to cop a feel (not to mention a little camera time)? Apparently, if you’re Edmundo and Catherine, you opt for the latter. They’re one of the pairs who’ll be tempting fate this time around. In photographs, they look perky and cute. They even have matching necklaces! (Awwwww.) He’s dark and handsome (tall is so far difficult to verify), and she has a really pointy chin, not to mention extraordinary amounts of eye makeup. Yet they also seem to fit the perfect mold of the ”Temptation Island” contestant: a starving for attention, ”Check out how hot I am!” sort of vibe.

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