What do Oscar winner Kevin Spacey and Jean-Claude Van Damme have in common? Seems they’re both appearing on screen eating a banana — gulp — skin and all. In the straight-to-video Replicant, Van Damme plays a clone unfamiliar with human food. (The un-apeeling scene appears in the outtakes section of the DVD.) ”[We] didn’t have the budget to have a fake banana,” moans Van Damme, who actually ate the peel. Spacey, who plays a self-proclaimed alien in K-PAX, also avoided fake fruit. Although the taste left something to be desired — ”It wasn’t a party,” he says — there was the bonus of a ”potassium high.” Spacey laughs: ”I was bouncing off walls that day.” Even K-PAX costar Jeff Bridges got in on the act. ”I went back to my trailer, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and I tasted a banana peel,” he confesses. ”Wasn’t bad.”

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