Say cheese! Or not. Our Photo Issue (#618/ 619, Oct. 5) made some readers beam, but left others frowning. ”Two kinds of people buy your magazine,” writes Jeff Stoltman of Winona, Minn. ”[Those who] look at the pictures and [those who] read the articles. The Photo Issue pleased one group, now it’s time to [give] the other group something to read.” And while many readers applauded the motivation behind the star-studded America: A Tribute to Heroes telethon, some even gained a new respect for their favorite celebrities. ”They might not be heroes, in the true sense of the word,” says Carrie Kattengell of New Orleans, ”but they are people who feel helpless and hopeless and [are] looking for a way to help.”

Snap Happy

I’ve been reading EW since it began and I don’t remember an issue that resonated with me the way the Photo Issue did. It lifted some post-Sept. 11 gloom from my shoulders. For me it was about the human spirit saying ”don’t let the bastards wear you down.” HUGH THOMPSON Toronto

What a great picture of two of my favorite entertainers dressed up like two of my favorite entertainers. But how did you get the Sonny and Cher set all these years later? STEVEN DAVID SMITH Dayton, Ohio

There I was, reading your Photo Issue, when what should appear but that amazing photo of Tom Cavanagh! It’s worth the year’s subscription price, and more! ELISE REED Minneapolis

I was very disappointed with your Photo Issue. If I wanted to look at pictures, I’d buy a fashion magazine. Please do not continue pandering to the lowest common denominator. Go back to the interesting features and interviews you usually run. LISA MCLEAN Motley, Minn.

Your photo issue, featuring ”celebrities” mugging for the camera, was an absurd example of the superficiality of popular culture. TOM LEONARD Philadelphia

Patriotic Duties

I am thrilled by the support Hollywood has shown in organizing America: A Tribute to Heroes (News & Notes). I appreciate the need to galvanize our nation and solicit funds from average Americans. Still, I can’t shake the feeling that these ”charitable” multimillionaires could do more than alight from their hilltop mansions and ask John Q. Public to chip in a few bucks. I’d like to see more celebs forgo that ninth getaway to the tropics this year and put their money where their sizable mouths are. RYAN HOARE-GREGOLI New York City

The article ”Appropriate Action” asks, ”What sorts of movies, TV shows, and songs are appropriate for an angry nation in mourning?” These two outraged patriots want to watch good triumph valiantly and decisively over evil. We want to see the same kinds of TV programs and movies that have always inspired and entertained us — action/adventure and Westerns — only now we crave them more than before. MICHAEL & JANET WILSON Tavares, Fla.