The Beastmaster

How many times have you gone into a video store and picked up a movie thinking, ”Well, if (insert name here) is in it, it can’t be that bad….” (Countless people have rented the Sean Connery sci-fi dud Zardoz for just that reason, and will never fall into THAT trap again.) If the Larry Sanders Show gadfly Rip Torn’s presence is your sole reason for renting The Beastmaster, then don’t bother, because, if the title isn’t a tip-off, it’s a sword-and-sorcery flick about an orphan warrior (Singer) who enlists four animal buddies — to whom he can speak — to help him defeat the evil priest (Torn) and rescue the girl (Tanya Roberts, warming up for her Bond-girl role in A View to a Kill). Still, it’s pretty good as far as silly Conan the Barbarian knockoffs go. And John Amos’ participation lends the whole thing a dignity it really doesn’t earn.

The Beastmaster
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