Having resurrected the man-child-loser-makes-good comedy, executive producer Adam Sandler here passes the baton to ex-SNL mate Schneider, who’s just shameless and committed enough to make this lunacy work. After plunging over a cliff in a highway mishap that would make the Road Runner wince, asthmatic evidence clerk Marvin Mange (!) is rescued by a mad scientist who repairs him with spare menagerie parts. Before long, Marvin’s seducing a goat, brawling with an orangutan, humping a mailbox, and discovering the joys of intimate self-hygiene. (Why? Because he can, of course.) No matter: It gets him newfound respect and, of course, the girl — Survivor’s Colleen Haskell, who’s as winsome and effective as she needs to be.

The Animal
  • Movie
  • 1 minutes