They claimed he was too rich to need the prize, but the 46-year-old dentist says he was something else entirely: honest
Carl Bilancione, Survivor: Africa
Credit: Carl Bilancione: Monty Brinton

Who would have thought it would be important to know whether or not pouring boiling water on a tick removes it? Florida dentist Carl Bilancione, 46, sure didn’t — or else he wouldn’t have missed that question in the tie-breaker with Lindsey on the Oct. 25 episode of ”Survivor: Africa.” expected to hear him go off on Lindsey, but instead he had more to say about 23-year-old Silas.

So were you surprised when you got four votes at tribal council? I could see Silas planting those seeds about my being a dentist [and not needing the $1 million]. I mean, his father is an oral surgeon. He makes a lot more money than I do. But I’d also heard rumblings that they were going to vote for Frank.

So you think it was Silas who ruined it for you? He’s a 23-year-old guy. His ego got in the way. The little bird on my shoulder told me Silas was a little afraid if he sided with us, we would vote him off once the tribes merged.

You don’t seem all that bitter about Lindsey. No, I didn’t hate Lindsey. I have never hated Lindsey. I believe she was using a smart strategy for a girl of her age. She did the whole, ”I’m a poor college executive” or whatever she is. ”He’s the rich doctor.”

How did you envision things playing out? The biggest frustration was we four adults felt like we could win if we just keep voting out the weakest person. It wasn’t a backstabbing strategy. But the younger people didn’t buy it. They didn’t trust us. Boran as a tribe outmatched us, and we had to remain strong.

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