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Justin Timberlake
Credit: Justin Timberlake: Jive Records

(H)OOPS In what seems like a rare case of a publisher canceling an author’s book deal because he didn’t have time to go on a promotional tour, Ballantine Books has rescinded Justin Timberlake‘s seven-figure deal to publish the ‘N Sync singer’s literary debut, ”Inside Drive: A Novel of Basketball, Life and Love.” ”We felt very strongly that we needed him to be able to go out on the road and do national media appearances and bookstore events,” a Ballantine spokeswoman told the Associated Press. In other words, the deal wasn’t canceled because Ballantine noticed that ”A Mother’s Gift,” written by Timberlake’s girlfriend Britney Spears and her mom, wasn’t flying off shelves. Not only was Timberlake too busy to hit the bookstores, he didn’t even finish the novel, which was supposed to come out this fall. ”He had too much going on to be able to give it the kind of time he wanted to,” his publicist told AP, adding that he will not seek another publisher for the book.

Another thing Timberlake won’t be doing is guest-starring on ”Friends,” despite a report earlier this week that he’d planned to capitalize on his cameo as a stylist in ”On the Line,” the new movie starring bandmates Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, by playing a similar character on the NBC sitcom. Talking to E!, representatives of both the show and the singer both denied the rumor.

GORILLA MY DREAMS Despite early rumors, there was no scene of monkey love in Tim Burton‘s ”Planet of the Apes” between chimp Helena Bonham Carter and human Mark Wahlberg. But she and the director did go bananas for each other. It’s not clear when Burton ended his 10-year relationship with model/actress Lisa Marie, who appeared in four of his movies (including ”Planet,” in which she played an aristocratic ape) and was seen on Burton’s arm as recently as July’s ”Planet” premiere in New York. Bonham Carter’s spokeswoman says that the romance did not blossom on the set, but that the English actress and the director have been dating less than three weeks. ”It is a brand new relationship. Nobody knows where it’s headed yet,” the publicist tells Reuters.

HANKS A LOT Tom Hanks had better make room on his crowded mantel. He’s been named the 30th winner of the American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award. He joins a list of top Hollywood talent that includes this year’s winner Barbra Streisand and such previous honorees as James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Steven Spielberg, and Sidney Poitier. An AFI statement said, ”Tom Hanks is American film’s Everyman for a new generation,” one whose ”talent and commitment to his craft is only matched by his great respect for and understanding of American history.” He’ll receive the award at a ceremony on June 22 at Hollywood’s new Kodak Theater, which is also the new venue for the Oscars. The tribute will air the following night on the USA network.

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