Having resurrected the man-child-loser-makes-good comedy, executive producer Adam Sandler here passes the baton to ex?”SNL” mate Rob Schneider, who’s just shameless and committed enough to make this lunacy work in The Animal. After plunging over a cliff in a highway mishap that would make the Road Runner wince, asthmatic evidence clerk Marvin Mange (!) is rescued by a mad scientist who repairs him with spare menagerie parts. Before long, Marvin’s seducing a goat, brawling with an orangutan, humping a mailbox, and discovering the joys of intimate self-hygiene. (Why? Because he can, of course.) No matter: It gets him newfound respect and, of course, the girl ? ”Survivor”’s Colleen Haskell, who’s as winsome and effective as she needs to be.

The Animal
  • Movie
  • 1 minutes