Enrique Iglesias
Credit: Enrique Iglesias: Joseph Cultice/Corbis Outline

Will Iglesias be remembered for more than his surname and ability to sing with sucked-in cheeks? Not if his second English-language album is any indication. It’s hard to say which is worse: the techno-lite ode to masochistic love (”Love to See You Cry”), the smarmy ”Making Love for Fun” (”So baby just relax/And let me do my thing”), the stalkerish title track (”You can run, you can hide/But you can’t escape my love”), or simply the way he sings ”She be the one/She be the bomb” in ”She Be the One,” one of numerous odes to wicked women. Toss in vacuous singing, gauzy arrangements, and a song called ”I Will Survive” that nicks both its title and chorus from the disco anthem, and ”Escape” is a train wreck that keeps on giving.

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