Rocky may be down, but don’t count him out: MGM KO’d plans for Rocky 6 — the studio reportedly would commit only $10 million to the sequel — but franchise creator and star Sylvester Stallone is shopping other Italian Stallion-inspired projects. He’s pitching the networks a sitcom about a boxing priest: Father Lefty, which Stallone would produce but not star in, features a tough but loving man of the cloth. ”It’s about a very eccentric priest who has his thumb on the pulse,” says the 55-year-old actor. ”A real character who’s not far off from Rocky.” He also thinks Rocky: The Musical could be a Broadway box office champ. ”It would be very similar to the movie, but of course with songs,” says Stallone. ”I’ll probably write the book.” Would Rocky belt out Survivor’s ”Eye of the Tiger”? ”Absolutely. Do-do, doo, doo,” Sly sings. ”It’s the thrill of the fight.”