Only Time

Just two months ago, new Age thrush Enya was more likely to be heard in the dentist’s office than on the dance floor — let alone on mainstream radio. But after her single ”Only Time” resurfaced on promos for Friends as well as in two remixes, the 40-year-old is vying for chart dominance with Ja Rule and P.O.D. Enya’s album A Day Without Rain — released last November — first hit Billboard’s top 10 Oct. 6. (Last week, it reached No. 2.)

In the last month, ”Only Time” has become a post-9/11 anthem after radio DJs in places like Denver and Des Moines began playing different tribute versions that spliced in attack-related audio clips of newscasters and eyewitnesses. ”Whenever there’s an event that gets the nation’s attention,” says Billboard’s Geoff Mayfield, ”there’s the potential that something will be embraced as a theme song.”

The Enya revival actually began in June, when the L.A. duo S.A.F. released a sped-up ”Time” dance mix. The goal? ”To give the song…a little extra oomph,” says S.A.F.’s Christian B. (The video has also been re-cut to the new tempo.) Next up for the Celtic crooner: two new songs on the upcoming Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack. Can a P. Diddy collaboration be far behind?

Only Time
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