Designed in the hopes of answering the question ''What did the world see?''
Dan Rather, September 11th
Credit: CBS Evening News: CBS

If news is the first draft of history, then the Television Archive is history in the making. The nonprofit research center has stockpiled television news footage from Sept. 11 — everything from ”Good Morning America” to Iraq Satellite Channel — and made it publicly accessible at TV Archive. ”We have 300 hours of TV from Iran, Palestine, Qatar, China, Russia, and Japan,” says Brewster Kahle, a director of the Television Archive and the Web-related Internet Archive.

While Kahle envisions these sites as a resource for scholars, the latter is now aiding the Library of Congress with a new site, September 11 Archive, and is in talks with the Smithsonian about a future exhibit. The undertaking is in its infancy (foreign-language experts have yet to translate the overseas broadcasts), but Kahle sees the project as a way to understand how others viewed the tragedy of Sept. 11: ”We need to ask the question: What did the world see?”

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