What do Cap’n Crunch, Kinko’s cubicles, and the girls from The Facts of Life have in common? They’ve all, for one reason or another, caught the eye of zeitgeist-zapping writer Douglas Coupland — and ended up on his newly overhauled website ( Most famous for such ennui-infused novels as Generation X and Microserfs, Coupland is now using the Internet to showcase his essays, furniture designs, and — in keeping with his eclecticism — more than 200 collages, some of which incorporate Japanese movie stars and gas station logos. ”Everything is an art supply to me,” he tells EW. ”Everything.” In an online photo diary he posted during a recent promo tour for his latest novel, All Families Are Psychotic, images of such mundane objects as motel phones and beverage fountains are strangely resonant. ”I like finding situations where there’s some sort of quiet social rupture occurring,” he says. Okay, so why are the Facts of Life girls in so many of the montages? He can’t explain but says, ”I’m in Toronto right now, and they’re filming a reunion show down the street, so maybe I’ll mosey on by.”